Take Your Marketing From Chaos to Clarity

October 1st, 2020 | Online Course

Immerse yourself on understanding the foundations of running a successful business with Keap

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The Keap training your business needs

At the Marketing Automation University, you will learn the Successful Business Fundamentals that will help any small business run smoothly with Keap.


The class is designed to allow for classmates to connect with the instructor. This way we can provide customized help to each person and develop better relationships with each person that attends the event.


You’ll get instruction on how to improve your knowledge and confidence in using Keap. You’ll be instructed how to utilize the unique features that Keap provides so you can begin to maximize your database!


We’ll take you on a deep dive into Keap and focus on getting the systems you need in place for sustained success. You’ll work along side an expert to use Keap so you can improve your confidence and knowledge of the tool.

What’s on the schedule?

 Thursday,October 1st, 2020

8:30 am (PST)
Welcome To Marketing
Automation University
  • Welcome
  • Learn about the Foundation of Marketing Automation Success
  • Success Methodology Overview
9:00 am (PST)
Database Management
  • How to set up your Infusionsoft Defaults
  • Creating Users and Permissions
  • Adding and editing contacts
  • Tagging and Segmentation Strategy
9:30 am (PST)
Customer Pipeline
  • How to create goals and sequences
  • Timers and emails
  • Campaign best practices
  • Preparing your campaign to go live
10:00 am (PST)
Keap Toolbox
  • Keap Mobile App
  • Appointments
  • All things email
10:30 am (PST)
Campaign Building 101
  • How to create goals and sequences
  • Timers and emails
  • Campaign best practices
  • Preparing your campaign to go live
11:30 AM (PST)
Landing Pages & Webforms
  • What is the difference between webforms and landing pages
  • How to create and edit web forms
  • How to create and edit landing pages
12:30 PM (PST)
Money – Invoices, receipts and merchant accounts
  • Understand your merchant services
  • Create a product
  • Sending invoices
  • Setting up subscription products
1:30 PM (PST)
Closing, Q&A
  • Closing
  • Question and Answer Session
  • What you can do tonight to have more success
  • tomorrow

World-Class Automation Instructors

With our experience working with thousands of businesses, you’ll learn how to make Infusionsoft/Keap work for your business directly from the pros.

Nick Holladay
Nick Holladay

Nick Holladay is Success Engine’s COO and Leader of Business Development. Fun fact: he was also the 9th employee at Infusionsoft.

Mason Passey
Mason Passey

Mason Passey is the Director of Lead Gen at Success Engine. When he’s not working with clients to grow their businesses, he’s working on growing his own small business!

Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard is our Director of Strategy and Onsites. He has put together marketing strategies for over 1,000 small businesses!

Mark Lorenzen
Mark Lorenzen

Mark Lorenzen is our Director of Marketing and Senior Consultant. He has 6 years of Infusionsoft consulting with numerous industries under his belt.

It’s time to get the results with Keap your business deserves!

Marketing Automation University


Where: From the comfort of YOUR HOME or OFFICE
via a digital conference tool!

When: October 1st from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm (Pacific)

See what Marrian has to say about attending!

Where is it at?

Success Engine HQ

We’ll provide you with an all access view of our classroom instructors via our 360° camera.

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