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Get your system up and running with these Keap course automation templates.

Quit getting stuck on the minor details inside the Keap automation builder, and start launching high performing marketing campaigns without needing to take a course. Our Success Strategy templates take the guesswork out of creating your marketing automation. Using our Keap course automation templates will quickly bring you more success with your marketing efforts!

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The campaign structure is the key to launching quickly. Sequences, timers and goals are pre-built based on best strategies.


Our landing pages are templatized to maximize conversion. Pages can be easily modified to fit your specific business needs.


Our emails have been built to follow the marketing strategy. Emails can be easily modified to fit your business and your brand.

Start Benefiting From The Power Of Automation.

With Keap course automation templates save time and close more sales by streamlining your lead capture and email nurturing to your list of clients or prospects. Every business should be able to lighten their burden through the powers of automation, but do it without taking a course, get our Keap automation templates or what we call our Success Strategies.

Strategies Included:

– Webinar
– Lead Capture to Consult
– Consultation Follow-up
– Product Announcement
– Video Series
– 5-day challenge
– Ask for a review
– Long Term Nurture

Success templates are a series of 8 pre-built marketing campaigns that can help you with your Keap course automation. This will help you save time in creating your marketing campaigns and make it so you don’t need to take a course to learn how to automate your marketing.

You can use these strategies around webinars for video series, 5 day challenges, for your customers engagement, or even a long-term merger. These Keap course automation strategies include our pre-built landing page templates and also email templates. These templates are great for getting started and giving you an idea of what to write for your customers to be engaged without you having to spend a ton of time formulating words.

In this offer there two different options for you if you’d like to go ahead and get some Keap course automation help. You can either purchase our one template options, or all eight of them.

Buying just one of them gives you one of the eight campaign templates of your choice with landing pages for that specific strategy as well as the email templates. With that template comes a 1 hour 1 on 1 call with one of our coaches to make sure that we’re answering any questions making sure that you feel comfortable on the next steps in getting it set up and launched.

The next package is for all eight Success Strategies. This comes with the same one-on-one call as well, BUT in addition to that you will also receive access to our funnel launch video course. This course is amazing because it walks you through step-by-step on how to create a Keap automation campaign all on your own from scratch whether it be the landing page, the emails, or another area. If this is something that you think you’d be interested in click the links below to get the strategies you need for your automation campaigns. 


“The service baby stepped us through the whole process, not only helping us accomplish a great deal, but also instilled confidence in us that we didn’t previously have. Very grateful!”

Kimberly H.

“I’ve had infusionsoft for 3 years and never really logged in because I didnt feel like I got the dream that was sold to me. I really wish I had this training 3 years ago because the information given and the way it was delivered was really great”

John M.

“For most of us small biz owners, we are used to the DIY approach so that we can keep costs as low as possible, but the reality is… this usually takes WAY longer. If you want it to take longer and feel less capable – do it yourself. If you want to get up to speed FAST and feel more empowered with this powerful tool – get the templates.”

Michael M.

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