Applying The Buyer’s Journey To Your Business

By: Cade


Every buyer takes a similar path in buying a product. From having a problem → to learning about a solution → to taking an action based on the information learned. This process is called the buyer’s journey.

Understanding this journey will transform your business focus and help you to turn one-time customers into lifelong fans

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What Is The Buyer’s Journey?

The Buyer’s journey is a set of actions someone takes to solve a problem usually involving a product or service.

Someone doesn’t wake up to a sudden urge to randomly buy a home security camera, there is a string of events that lead to the event of a purchase.

Why Is This Important?

    Understanding your customers’ journey is vital to providing value and reaching maximum sales. Understanding where your customers are will help you to guide them through their journey. This allows you to focus your efforts on the content you produce and how you market.

    marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

    The Three Main Stages Of This Process Are:

    Awareness Stage – Realizing a pain or problem in their lives

    Consideration Stage – Becomes aware of a solution

    Decision Stage – Becomes aware of a source for their solution. 

    These stages are commonly known as a funnel

    Making A Buyer Persona

    To lead a customer through their buyer’s journey, we need to create a buyer persona. A buyer’s persona is your “ideal customer”, the representation of demographics, challenges, and preferences your average customer possesses.

    The more you understand your buyer’s persona the more focused and effective you will be in your business. You will know what platforms will be most successful in reaching your ideal customer, what content to send them, and most importantly, how to nurture and lead them down the buyer’s journey.

    marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions
    Building Your Buyers Persona

    Here are sample questions that help us develop buyers personas:


    • How old are your customers? 
    • Where are your customers located? 
    • Is your audience more of one gender than the other? 


    • What challenges do your customers face? 
    • What does your business do to solve those problems? 
    • How can you motivate your prospective customer to take action?


    • What platform does your audience prefer to interact with your business? (social media, email, website, youtube, etc) 
    • How do your customers find you? 
    • Leading Customers Through your Funnel

    If buyers were on a literal journey, driving from a city called Awareness to a city called Decision; Trust would be the fuel that would get them there.  The most important thing that moves a buyer from stage one to stage two and eventually stage three is Trust.

    People need to feel a genuine connection with you and your business. If someone feels like “just another customer” then they will leave and never come back. Customer trust is the most valuable currency in a business, leading to customer loyalty and building rapport. 

    marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions
    marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions
    Providing Value

    Have you ever been sent marketing emails that wanted you to just buy, buy, buy? They feel annoying and insulting, leading to a loss of trust in that company. Building trust can be difficult online or in business in general.

    One way that someone will never feel like they are being sold to, is by providing “value experiences” without asking for their business. Providing value will build trust, they will see you as “the guru” and want to buy from you. There are hundreds of ways you can provide value. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Give them free resources via nurturing emails
    2. Make and share videos and informational blogs
    3. Give them free consultations or products

    In Conclusion

    By understanding your customers and the journey they take, you will be able to focus on how to effectively connect with them leading to trust and higher conversion rates. What value can you give your clients? How can you help them with the challenges they have? 

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