Building The Percect Email

By: Cade B


At first, email marketing can look intimidating with complicated email builders, crafting catchy subject lines, and avoiding spambots. If this weren’t enough, the pressure of sending this to possibly thousands of people would be the icing on the cake.

After learning how to build a correct email, this will be a breeze

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Before we can successfully build an email, we need to understand why we are sending an email.

To do this, we need to set a goal of what we want this email to accomplish. For example: if the goal is for people to sign up for a webinar, then the email’s sole purpose is to encourage people to take that action. 

Common Email Goal Examples

To teach my audience about underwater basket weaving (your relevant subject) 

To remind people about their abandoned cart items
To prompt my audience to sign up for a consultation
To educate my list about company updates
To thank my audience
To nurture my audience relevant and informative content

Once you have a goal, think about: “How will this email accomplish my goal?” Keep this question in mind as you construct your email masterpiece.

Crafting The Perfect Email

Writing the perfect email geared to your target audience can be tricky and is a skill that should be developed. Here are a few tips that can help you in this process.

  • Know your audience–Understand who you are trying to reach with your email.
  • Pinpoint what action you want the reader to take–What is the call to action for this email? Guide your reader to taking this action by creating a desire within them to act.
  • Write clearly and concisely–Remember that less is better. Generally, people have a limited amount of time to spend reading emails. Stating your message and call to action in as few words as possible will generate positive results.
  • Use a quality grammar and spell checker–Spelling and grammar errors in your marketing emails instantly turn off most consumers! Everyone makes mistakes when writing, but there’s no excuse for publishing those mistakes!

It is under the subject line; this is what the email is about. It is important to keep this under 90 characters. The first 5 to 9 words are the most important because they will always be visible. The pre-header should captivate the recipient to want to know more. 

In this example, we know what the email is talking about but not everything. It is essential to find the line between too little and too much information.

Call To Action

Every email should have a call to action without having to scroll down. A call to action can consist of actions like: “Download file here,” “Take Quiz,” “Schedule an appointment,” and “Learn More.” The call to action should match the goal of the email

After you are happy with how your email looks, let’s talk about a couple of vital things that could make or break your email

Looking Good In The Inbox

Before someone can read your email, they need to open in. How you look in the inbox is very important because this determines if someone will open your email or not.

Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that someone will see. The subject line should intrigue and encourage the reader to open the email and read more. This short phase should: 

  1. Describes the purpose of the email
  2. Leave the recipient wanting to know more
  3. Is approximately 27 characters long without excessive exclamation points or capital letters. 
  4. Be free of any possible spam keywords (words that are over-promising or a subject line that includes free referring to money or a deal. There are a ton more, but these are the most common).
marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

Mobile-First Mindset

85-90% of users use mobile devices to check emails, so building emails with a “mobile-first” mindset is vital. Mobile devices are smaller, so there is less room to work. Less real estate mixed with short attention spans leads to the need for a well-crafted email.

Many email builders can view and edit the mobile version of your email, which is vital in today’s email marketing space. 

Mobile-First Email Checklist:

  • Does my email work for mobile and desktop
  • Is my CTA (call to action) button large enough for a finger to press? (the standard is around 49 pixels) 
  • Is my subject line 27 characters or less? 
  • Is my preheader 90 characters with the most important five words at the beginning?
The Least Exciting But Most Important Part Of Your Email

In 2003, the United States released the CAN-SPAM act, leading to laws concerning many things about the internet and tracking. This act changed how marketing emails may be sent. A couple of things need to be added to your email to comply with the CAN-SPAM act

Add an Unsubscribe Button

An unsubscribe button is a vital part of your email. Without it, you won’t be able to get in the inbox and possibly get blacklisted, so you aren’t allowed to send emails to anyone. 

Senders Physical Address

Every email needs to contain your physical business address. This is required and also helps establish yourself as a legitimate business. 

marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

Email Footer Example:

The above is a decent example of an email footer because it contains all the necessary information to follow the CAN-SPAM act

Crafting the perfect email does take time and thought. However, as you follow these recommendations, you will see a greater open rate of your emails, leading to a higher return on investment and a cultivation of trust with your customers!

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