Andrew White Guitars Increases Leads By 300% By Automating Their Buyers Journey With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Case Studies

They make handcrafted, one of a kind, guitars for all types of Guitar Players and Collectors. Their Guitars are internationally recognized for their style and performance.

Andrew White Guitars sell 90% of their guitars online through their E-Commerce store, so they decided they would come to us for help with their buyers journey in digital marketing.

digital marketing case studies Andrew White Guitars

Chris at Success Engine helped me create a lead capture and follow-up automation that lead to quadrupling the leads from our website and tripling our sales.”


Founder & CEO, Andrew White Guitars

The Problem

Andrew was struggling with creating good, quality leads from his website. When they did get a lead, they were doing a terrible job at following up.

They didn’t have a clear vision of their buyers journey and most leads would become un-engaged within a few weeks.  

They tried all different types of lead captures from e-book’s, Free Lessons, Giveaway’s and none of them seemed to  produce good quality leads.

Andrew came to us looking for a better solution and a better way to stay in touch.

Key Results


More Leads


More Revenue


Conversion Rate

With a more attractive lead capture, we were able to go from 2,000 – 2,500 leads per month to 10,000 leads per month.

By automating lead follow-up campaigns; resulting in a 250% increase in revenues compared to the previous year’s sales

From the lead capture and automated follow-up. Andrew is now able to focus his time doing what he loves which is creating guitars.


Contacts Indoctrinated

Entire Buyers Journey Automated

The Work

We decided to “gamify” the lead capture process to provide something fun and free that leads can participate in when they visit the website.

We came up with the Spin to Win Wheel where leads can put in their email and win a special prize ranging from $200 off a Guitar, Free Guitar Lessons,  Free Accessory with a Guitar Purchase, or even a chance to win a Free Guitar.  

We also wanted leads to take action right away when they got their prize, so we made all offers expire 14 days after they Spun the Wheel.

We then built out automation that would send out 7 emails within the 14 day period before their prize would expire. This resulted in an increase of guitar purchases before their offer expired.  

After their prize “expired” we then put them into another automation where we would extend the offer for another 7  days. This also resulted in an increase of sales.

After leads would finish the Coupon Extension automation, we put them  through an indoctrination series that told the story of Andrew White Guitars and how they are unique.

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