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For over 20 years they have specialized in obedience training as well as training dogs with aggression problems. Where other dog behavior experts have not been able to remedy the situation, Ian and his staff have.  

Ian studied under world-renown Andy “Dogs” Hanellin of K-9 Search and Detection in Long Island, New York specializing in obedience and behavior modification, studying scent theory and detection applications, and maintains this discipline under DOGS BY ANDY in North Carolina through continued education with your dog’s ultimate success in mind.

Whether you just want a better behaved companion or you have a truly aggressive dog, you can rest assured that Ian and the staff working with him will provide you with the solutions that you need.

“Chris at Success Engine is amazing! He helped us automate our entire Customer Journey which now saves us a TON of time. We no longer have to worry about folks falling through cracks and if they are getting followed up on or not.”

Ian Martin

Founder & CEO, K9 Solutions

The Problem

Ian was struggling with the day to day of his business. He had no way to track how many leads he was getting, who has been sent an invoice, who has paid, or even if they have on boarded a particular client. This was causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in his business. 

They have tried setting up setting up spreadsheets in excel and other manual report but they could never keep them  updated since it was so manual.

Key Results

key results



Hours Saved Per Week


Email Open Rate


Of E-Contracts Signed

With automating their lead capture, invoicing, new client on-boarding, and other tasks, Absolute K9 Solutions is saving 37 Hours per Week.

From their follow-up emails in the automations that we have setup. We are also seeing a click rate of 43% from these same emails.

By automating sending out the electronic contracts, they are able to ensure clients get the contracts sooner which lead to a higher likelihood of getting signed.

Entire Customer Journey Automated

The Work

First, we needed a better way to capture leads from the website. We decided to create a Lead Intake Form through Keap that would capture necessary information from the lead, qualify the lead, and get them to schedule a 15 minute phone call.

This automation really helped save time as they didn’t have to spend time emailing back and forth to the lead trying to setup a time to chat.  

Next, we setup an automation that Ian will trigger from a Internal Form in Keap after he had the 15 minute call with the lead. From the form, Ian would be able to trigger a follow-up campaign, send a payable invoice, add them to their long term nurture emails, or mark them as a dead lead.  After Ian filled out the Internal Form in Keap, his job was done as the automation would take care of the rest.  

Then, we setup an automation in Keap that as soon as the client paid their invoice from their email, an electronic contract would get automatically sent out. Once they signed the contract, we would then send out a series of emails to invite them to schedule their orientation which is required to begin their dog training.

After their orientation is complete, another series of emails would go out to schedule their first training.

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