Sorry… Marketing AutomationWon’t Save Your Business

By: Preston Lyman

There’s A Misconception About Marketing Automation That We Need To Clear Up Here…

Automation (by itself) will not save your business.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me. Automation can be a game changer. Success Engine has helped probably thousands of business owners automate various aspects of their business and find marketing automation strategies for sustaining success. Automation is our specialty. Believe me, we believe in automation.

But automation isn’t magic. Automation is just an amplifier.

Think of it like attending a live concert. Concerts are LOUD. But, have you ever attended a concert, and the opening act comes on stage, and they’re terrible? You keep thinking to yourself, I cannot wait for this to be over. Do you think if the sound technician decided to turn the volume all the way up it would make the crappy music sound better?

Of course not!

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Automation is a helpful tool. It can help you generate more leads. It can help you sell more products. It can help you stay organized. But, automation is an amplifier. To put it bluntly, if your business stinks, you can try to automate it, but it will still stink. It might even stink worse.

I don’t mean to be discouraging. In fact, I want to encourage you to keep improving! Just because a business kind of stinks right now doesn’t mean that it’s an inherently bad idea. Some businesses just aren’t ready for automation.

Before you amplify your business with automation, you need to make sure your business is really ready for you to turn up the volume.

So how do you get ready for marketing automation? Let me tell you the number one thing I see my clients struggle with and a simple way to get you on the right path to fixing the problem.

Refine Your Overall Message

You need a message that is clear and compelling. This may be the number one thing you need to do to make automation completely worth it. And if you can do this alongside using marketing automation strategies for sustaining success, automation will be completely worth it.

If there is any confusion about what you’re offering before you automate, there will just be more confusion after you automate.

I have consulted for some fantastic business and life coaches who launch automated marketing campaigns thinking it will propel their business to the next level… but it doesn’t. Usually it’s because their message doesn’t accurately or clearly portray exactly what their service will do for a potential client. So, they put their lines in the water and nobody bites.

So, you need to ask yourself, what is your compelling offer? What will you give your clients and how will it change their lives? Be specific about your answer.

marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

For Success Engine, we don’t just say, “we’ll help you automate your marketing.” We say, “we will build automated marketing campaigns to grow your Black Friday sales by 10x.” We don’t say, “we will help you refine your message,” we say, “we help small and medium sized businesses define, refine, and automate their message through marketing campaigns to double their income in a year.”

Two important questions you need to answer for yourself before you begin automating your message are:

  1. What does my customer’s life look like before they purchase my product or service?
  2. What does my customer’s life look like after they purchase my product or service?

Once you answer those questions, incorporate those specific answers into your message. Tell your customer how you’re really going to change their lives and resolve their pain.

Back to the concert analogy. If the music you’re playing sucks, no one will want to listen no matter how high you turn up the volume. If the music you play is awesome, then the louder you turn up the volume, the more people you reach and the more your audience will grow.

That’s when automation can really find sustaining success and be really worth it.

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