Top Ways To Build Your Business’s Credibility

By: Cade

Forming A Personal Relationship With Your Customers

If your business was a car, trust would be the fuel propelling it forward. Trust and credibility are the most important attribute a business has. Trust can’t be bought or made, it must be nurtured and grown.

Kindling this personal relationship with your customers isn’t easy, but absolutely worth it. It takes the combination of small actions over an extended period of time. In today’s digital age we have more communication and information but less connection. Building connection needs to be the intention behind every interaction between you and your customers. 

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It takes about 500 milliseconds for a user to form a conclusion about your website that determines whether they stay or leave. That’s only 0.05 seconds which is almost as fast as it takes us to blink. In that short amount of time, a person has already decided to a degree, if your business is credible or not.

Amazon has done a study to find what are the most important parts of a website for the consumer. They found that 52% of consumers look for a website that is easy to navigate and use. 45% find that discoverability (how easy it is to find your website) is the most important and 34% find that rich content and information is the most important when choosing a website to buy from.  

Social Proof

Reviews, comments, and similar customer feedback are displayed for others to see. When shopping on amazon do we look at the fanciest pictures or the best well-made description?

Though those do make a large contribution, the largest difference between which product sells is the reviews of the product. If 1000 other people trust the product, I most likely will too. This concept can work no matter what industry you are in. For example at Success Engine, we have a “Success Stories” section on our website’s homepage. 

marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

Once you’ve established your target audience and purpose for using social media, it’s time to dive into the different platforms and what they offer. This task may be easier said than done, but here is a quick list of just three of the most popular platforms and their benefits to your business.

Providing Value

People love to feel valued! Nothing say’s, “I value you and your business” more than giving a client a product they perceive as worthwhile for FREE or deeply discounted. You can also provide value in the form of additional informative and nurturing emails or videos. Providing extra value to your clients will build their trust and keep them coming back for more!


Sprout Social states, “86 percent of American customers say that transparency from businesses has never been more important.” On social media and on the internet, people generally show only the best part of themselves, leading to the appearance of “perfection”.

Being vulnerable allows those to connect with you on a more meaningful basis leading to a stronger relationship. Being vulnerable can be as simple as sharing personal stories like: Why do you own your business? or Why you are passionate about what you do?

marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions
Consistent To Brand

Last week I received a marketing email from a business. The email was unrecognizable where it came from. I ended up marking it as spam and didn’t realize until later which company sent it to me. The inferior branding in that email alienated me from their company. Branding is very important, think about Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Ikea, they all have very distinct colors, logos, and graphics. We see and recognize this branding everywhere. This brings familiarity and trust to their customers. 

Your brand can bring the same recognition by using consistent logos, colors, and fonts on your websites, emails, and products. Don’t make people guess who you are!

As you strive to build credibility and a connection with the public applying these tips are a guaranteed win!

marketing case studies Absolute k9 Solutions

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