What Is A Client Segmentation Model And Why Should You Use It?

By: Megan Pulsipher


Have you found yourself overwhelmed by the organization of your business contacts?

You may be at the point where it’s hard for you to know which contacts are leads, which are clients, and which are past clients. You may even be struggling to know which product they bought.

This is where client segmentation model comes in.

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Client Segmentation Model

What is a client segmentation model? Simply put, it’s a way to divide your CRM contacts into groups where they share common characteristics.

This could be the type of contact they are (lead, client, etc.), what product they bought, where they’re located, or any other assortment of characteristics.

You can even niche it down to segment by a few different characteristics. For example, you can segment by what type of contact they are and what product they are interested in. 

History Tags

So why should you use a client segmentation model? It helps not only keep your contacts organized, but it helps your marketing become more specific.

You’re going to market to your new leads differently than you would to those who may be currently working with you or who have purchased your product in the past.

Segmenting them up this way allows you to hit the points you need to for each category that would appeal to them which in turn can become more sales.

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On top of that, segmenting can help you suggest products to your clients. If a client has purchased one product from you before and are segmented into that group you can more easily suggest something that would appeal to them. This can then help turn them into a repeat customer.

This can be used with anything from an eCommerce product to coaching packages. Whatever it may be, the end goal is to get them to be that repeat customer so knowing what they purchased in the past can help with that.

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